How to Write a Legal Description of Land

Particia MaldonadoApril 30, 2024

Writing a Legal Description of Property

A legal description by a real estate lawyer is usually recommended. This ensures that your property has all the valid information and warnings necessary for future buyers, so they can make an informed decision when purchasing their new home. Here is how to write a legal description of land.

Description of the Land

The description of the land is no doubt,  the one of the dhard part of this process. You can do Real legal description of the real estate in different ways including

Fractional Designation: It is one of the most common form ever. Well, a fractional designation uses rectangular surveying in order to represent the land in various segments

  • Metes and Bounds: It uses references, like rivers and streets to identify every point of the land or property.
  • Lot and Block Survey: It is a new land description system. This breaks land into blocks or plots to designate boundaries.

The description of the land is made to identify the boundaries f the property in order to make better understanding.

Quantity of Land

The amount of land and the square footage for a building are typically listed in real estate transactions. The land is usually measured by acreage, while buildings will be described with their total square feet. This information may not always be necessary when having your property surveyed because it outlines the boundaries on its own

Street Address

A legal description of real property do not need a street address, though it is often used to outline an individual's current home’s specific location. If the invalid address cannot be waived for some reason on your behalf as the seller, you may find that your sale would have been void due to improper land description.

An appropriate survey will need to be done in order for all aspects of this particular piece of property. Its boundaries must come into consideration before writing up such a complex document with precision accuracy. So don't hesitate to get assistance from professionals when necessary!


What are the parts of a legal description?

The three parts of a legal description include the caption, body, and qualifications/augmenting clauses. In general, metes and bounds descriptions follow this structure but not all types do.

Who writes a legal description?

Errors in a legal description can be hard to spot and very easy to propagate. It is possible that errors are the result of not understanding how they work, or an assumption made because other descriptions were correct before? Well, Legal descriptions are prepared by a title abstractor, closer, lawyer or other realty professional.

What is the purpose of valid property description?

The purpose of a legal description is to provide an unambiguous way for people to identify the property. This should be done by using identifiers that are unchanging, like street names and lot numbers.

What is the description of Legal?

The definition of legal is something connected to law or a government’s system of rules. Legal actions are typically decided by courts, rather than the court's equity division which grants relief for justice in cases where laws cannot be applied fairly and equally because they would violate fundamental rights.

What is the purpose of legal adress?

A legal address is used for official purposes such as serving a notice or tax reporting. A legal address should include the lot, block, and district number of any property one may own to determine their state of residence under the law in order to calculate taxes correctly based on that State's laws.

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