Our Team

lisa jackson
Chief Executive Officer
A lawyer and legal journalist, Lisa has been writing and speaking about legal practice and ethics for almost two decades. She started writing legal-focused blogs in 2010, along with guesting in different summits, conventions, and even podcasts that feature innovators in the legal field. She now regularly writes articles for Finding A Lawyer.
Patricia Maldonado
Lead Contributor
Patricia has previously managed some of the Fortune 500 companies' annual budgets prior to joining Finding A Lawyer. Patricia is a senior at a criminal justice university in New York, working on attaining a Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology. She writes and edits articles for Finding A Lawyer with our pool of young, talented writers.

Jorge Johnson
Legal Director
Jorge joined Finding A Lawyer in 2015. With a degree in Economics and Political Science, Jorge worked as a litigator before joining our team as our Legal Director. In his free time, Jorge also writes articles for the website to impart and hone his legal knowledge to our subscribers.
Lorene Markowitz
Administrator, Contributor
Lorene is in charge of supervising the company's day-to-day operations in Finding A Lawyer. She also communicates the needs of our clients if by any chance they are looking for experts in the legal field.
Leroy Oxley
Communication Officer
Leroy keeps our online presence across all social media sites and is the first to answer our partners' inquiries, including but not limited to finding a lawyer or a legal advice. He is also a corporate lawyer and has worked with Fortune 500 companies.
In Finding A Lawyer, we let people talk about people. Not gossips though, we share thoughts and ideas on how people can improve their way of life- whether through smart purchases, clever techniques, or intelligent lifestyles.
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