Booth Harrington & Johns of NC: Championing Elder Law

Lisa JacksonOctober 10, 2023

At the heart of Booth Harrington & Johns of NC lies a deep-seated commitment to cultivating genuine relationships with peers and the broader community. The firm's vision took a decisive turn between 1988-1990, pivoting towards elder law with a razor-sharp focus on the individuals they serve. 

Frank Johns, the driving force behind the firm, also founded a non-profit organization, The Corporation of Guardianship, in 1989. This initiative offers aid when no one else can, acting as the final safety net before government intervention.

The seeds of the firm's mission can be traced back to Frank Johns' familial roots, deeply entrenched in faith. This foundation imbued him with an enthusiasm for assisting those grappling with challenges like mental illnesses and disabilities.

Pioneering a New Legal Frontier

Navigating the nascent waters of elder law in its infancy posed unique challenges. With no established blueprint to reference, the firm had to demystify the multifaceted issues surrounding aging and carve a path forward.

Distinctive Edge in Elder Law Advocacy

What sets Booth Harrington & Johns of NC apart is its relentless dedication to raising awareness on safeguarding the elderly's rights and interests. The firm is proudly affiliated with the 38-year-old National Academy, a testament to its enduring legacy.

The firm beams with pride as it marks its 41st year, a monumental milestone that speaks volumes of its enduring commitment and unparalleled expertise. Ensuring client satisfaction is paramount. The firm fosters an environment of open communication and transparency, evident in the glowing Google reviews from its clientele. They cultivate deep-seated trust and understanding by assuaging anxieties right from the onset.

Staying Ahead Through Continuous Learning

Booth Harrington & Johns of NC's competitive edge lies in their insatiable thirst for knowledge. By actively participating in academic conferences and imparting knowledge in law schools across North Carolina and Florida, they ensure they remain at the vanguard of their field.

For potential clients, understanding their specific needs is crucial. But more than that, forging a bond of trust with a law firm like Booth Harrington & Johns of NC is paramount in ensuring their best interests are always front and center.

Commitment Beyond Law

For Frank Johns, charity work transcends mere obligation. Personal and firm-wide endeavors, such as supporting "meals on wheels," highlight their unwavering commitment to community welfare.

The firm is environmentally conscious and endeavors to minimize its ecological footprint by promoting recycling and striving for a paperless workspace. Moreover, technology, particularly tools like Zoom, is instrumental in ensuring they are accessible to clients irrespective of physical constraints.

Looking Towards the Horizon

Having enjoyed sustained growth over its illustrious 41-year journey, Booth Harrington & Johns of NC remains open to welcoming elder law attorneys who resonate with their vision and mission. 

The tale of Booth Harrington & Johns of NC is an inspiring testament to the indomitable spirit of advocating for society's most vulnerable, ensuring they live with the dignity and respect they rightly deserve.

If you want to look at the business profile of this firm, check it out here.

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