TrustCounsel: Where Empathy and Expertise Shape Estate Planning

Lisa JacksonOctober 24, 2023

At TrustCounsel, client-focused ethos is more than a promise; it's a day-to-day practice. Striving for responsiveness and clarity, they specialize in revocable living trusts, ensuring clients avoid the hurdles of probate and enjoy peace of mind. Their comprehensive planning process is a testament to their dedication to securely organizing all facets of their clients' futures.

The Inception of Trust

The sensitive nature of estate planning, coupled with a distinct lack of personalized care, sparked the inception of TrustCounsel. Gregory Herman-Giddens, the heart behind the firm, believes in the power of empathy. He envisions his role to be more than just a lawyer; he's a friend when clients need understanding the most.

Embarking on this journey was challenging. Raising community awareness about his availability and expertise was paramount. Gregory’s solution was a blend of personal and professional development - he immersed himself in community organizations, fostering connections and building a trust network from the ground up.

Personalized Planning: A Unique Selling Proposition

TrustCounsel stands out for its deeply personal approach to legal care. They believe in connecting with clients individually, ensuring a comprehensive and empathetic approach to estate planning, making them a choice and a community favorite.

2023 marked Gregory's 35th year in practice, a significant milestone complemented by the exciting news of adding a new attorney to the team. These achievements underscore the firm’s commitment to growth and excellence.

Commitment to Client Satisfaction

At TrustCounsel, client satisfaction is paramount. The team goes above and beyond to deliver prompt, high-quality legal services. Their dedication shines through in their weekly meetings, ensuring a unified approach to active cases and client needs.

Staying ahead in the fast-evolving legal landscape means embracing technology. TrustCounsel utilizes advanced tools and platforms, enhancing efficiency and client communication setting the firm apart from competitors.

Choosing the Right Legal Partner

Gregory emphasizes the importance of compatibility between client and attorney, advising potential clients to consider experience, reputation, and comfort level when selecting a legal representative.

Keeping the community informed is a priority for Gregory. His regular presentations on trust-related topics and upcoming panel at the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners are part of his commitment to education. Additionally, his pro bono work underscores his dedication to serving beyond business.

Sustainable Practices Within the Firm

TrustCounsel is on a journey towards environmental responsibility, moving towards a paperless operation, secure document shredding, and recycling, reflecting its commitment to sustainable practices.

Innovative technology, including using DocuSign and online client portals for document access and storage, is critical in TrustCounsel's operational efficiency and growth strategy.

Future Horizons

With aspirations of practicing law for 50 years, Gregory envisions growth for TrustCounsel, especially within their Florida and North Carolina offices, ensuring the firm’s legacy and value-driven services continue for generations.

In sum, TrustCounsel, under Gregory Herman-Giddens's seasoned guidance, epitomizes the fusion of empathy, expertise, and technological savvy in estate planning, setting a benchmark in personalized legal services.

If you are interested in the business profile of this firm, check it out here.

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