From Layoff to Legacy: The Story of Katrina Cox Law

Lisa JacksonMay 14, 2024

A Foundation Built on Trust

At the heart of Katrina Cox Law is an intimate setting reminiscent of a family gathering. This isn't a typical attorney's office where legal jargon has obscure meaning. Instead, Katrina emphasizes ensuring clients understand every word they're signing, stripping away the perplexities that often cloud legal conversations.

The Birth of a New Venture

Katrina's journey into starting her firm wasn't a decision born out of sheer passion alone; it was a necessity. While 6 months pregnant, she was laid off from a large firm. This unforeseen circumstance, however, became a catalyst. From her past experiences, she was clear about what she wanted and which areas of law she desired to pursue.

Overcoming Early Hurdles

Embarking on this venture as a new mom was not devoid of challenges. The initial five years required resilience, especially in seeking clients. But Katrina was determined. She expanded her expertise, diving into courses in Estate Law and Real Estate Law. Through trial and error and by seeking guidance from seasoned lawyers, she shaped her practice.

The Client-Centric Approach

Katrina's unique selling proposition lies in her unparalleled client-centric approach. Recognizing the limitations of technology for seniors, she leans towards in-person interactions, providing an experience tailored to each client's comfort. Furthermore, her flexible payment systems and plans attest to her dedication to accessibility.

A Decade of Trust and Excellence

Fast-forward to the present and Katrina is on the brink of celebrating a decade in business, a journey adorned with an ever-growing, loyal client base.

Personal Touch in a Digital Age

For Katrina, quality service is synonymous with personal attention. Establishing trust and creating a sense of team spirit with clients is paramount. This involves understanding their preferences, being transparent, and ensuring they never feel rushed.

Staying Ahead in the Digital Landscape

With the digital age upon us, Katrina ensures she isn't left behind. She actively engages with her audience on social media, particularly Facebook, while gradually dipping her toes into Instagram. Her innovative "Tuesday Tips" initiative and in-person events further accentuate her dynamic approach.

Sustainability at its Best

In a world increasingly aware of the environment, Katrina's firm stands out by being nearly paperless, echoing a commitment to sustainable practices.

Adapting to Modern Tech

The role of technology in Katrina's strategy isn't just about online presence. Positive Google reviews act as testaments to her exceptional services. Moreover, she's exploring modern avenues like "Tuesday Tips" to engage and educate her audience.

Looking Towards the Future

Contentment doesn't mean stagnation for Katrina. While she relishes her role as a solo practitioner, there's an open window. In the future, she might introduce another attorney specializing in probate or elder law, expanding her firm's expertise.

Newsflash: Upcoming Event!

There's always something stirring at Katrina Cox Law. This fall, in collaboration with Edward Jones Financial Advisors, Katrina is setting the stage for an impactful Estate Planning event.

The Final Word: Trust Above All

For anyone looking to hire in the legal sector, Katrina's advice is simple: Seek trust. If you ever feel hurried or brushed off, that's not where you want to be. At Katrina Cox Law, trust and rapport stand tall above all else.

If you are interested in their business profile, check it out here.

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