4 Ways To Prepare For Divorce Mediation

Lisa JacksonJune 11, 2024, ,

Around 62% of cases are resolved successfully following a divorce mediation. However, to make mediation work, both parties need to come fully prepared and potentially commit to some bargaining with their estranged partners. 

In this guide, let’s take a look at some tips on how to prepare yourself for the mediation process. 

Select the Best Mediator

Before initiating the process, you need to choose a  divorce mediator and professionals in the industry to work with. A good mediator is critical for your case's success. However, do remember that not all mediators are created equal so look for someone who has experience in the procedure and is able to help both parties towards a successful outcome. 

Prepare to Communicate Clearly

Divorce mediation is a tedious process and many times we see frustrated participants turning the blame to one another. Expressing your side of the story is an important part of the whole process, but there are more effective ways to communicate your experience without getting into a verbal war. 

For example, don’t say a blaming statement like: “This is all your fault.” Instead, craft your words carefully and say something like: “I am hurt by what was done” or “I am having difficulty trusting you after…”

Gather the Required Paperwork

Most participants are confused regarding the documents they are supposed to bring to divorce mediation. If you are going for your first session, we recommend bringing the following documents:

  • Certified copy of the marriage certificate
  • A list of assets you own
  • A list of debts/mortgages 
  • A copy of prenuptial agreement (if any exists)
  • Recent pay stubs
  • At least the past two tax returns
  • Court documents
  • And any other documents you may find relevant as per the sensitivity of the case.

Plan Matters of Discussion

Before the initial mediation session, your lawyer will likely sit down with you and write the topics to address. While every case is different, you should be prepared to discuss some (or all) of the following matters:

  • Marital property division 
  • Debt allocation
  • Retirement account division
  • Spousal support
  • Child custody and support
  • Insurance coverage
  • Future communications

Wrapping Up Your Mediation

Reaching a mutual agreement through a mediation process is a huge burden relief for many parties. Crossing off the items in the above list is a great way to plan the road towards a successful mediation. Good luck and keep visiting us at Finding A Lawyer for more updated news and information. 

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