Why Hire A Workers Comp Lawyer?

Particia MaldonadoOctober 25, 2023,

For persons who have been injured at work, the workers' compensation system is designed to give pay loss benefits, medical costs coverage, and other benefits. Workers' compensation serves two purposes: it ensures that employees receive benefits following workplace injuries and prevents businesses from being sued if a worker is injured.

Because the workers' compensation system exists to assist injured workers, many wounded workers believe they do not require the services of a workers' compensation attorney. After all, why employ a Pennsylvania workers' compensation lawyer if you already have a system in place to protect you in the case of an accident, injury, or work-related illness?

An employer or, more typically, an insurance company pays for workers' compensation. In some cases, insurance companies and employers may not wish to pay the maximum amount of compensation. Profits are reduced as a result, and shareholders are dissatisfied.

Furthermore, there are frequently cases where it is unclear what caused a workplace injury. It's also possible that an injury occurred outside of the workplace or was caused by a pre-existing condition rather than a working occurrence. A workers' compensation attorney can help you preserve your rights and collect the money you deserve in these and other situations.

If any of the following apply to you, you might consider engaging a worker's compensation attorney:

  • You have a condition/medical issue.
  • Your employer denies a workplace injury.
  • Your benefits are denied or delayed.
  • Your work injury caused you to lose work for a long period.
  • Your medical bills are not fully covered.

It may be simple to demonstrate you have been severely harmed if you have received a crushing injury, a terrible laceration, or require surgery. Other injuries are more difficult to establish. You may be unable to work if you have undergone serious mental stress due to your injury. A workers' compensation lawyer can review your case to ensure they can provide compelling medical evidence for your injury.

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