How Do You Find A Good Divorce Lawyer?

Lorene MarkowitzNovember 30, 2023, ,

A good lawyer can make a difference in the outcome of your divorce. It can mean the difference between feeling like you have someone battling for you and feeling like you're on your own. Divorce is difficult, but a competent divorce lawyer may alleviate some of the stress and assist you in achieving your objectives. 

When it comes to getting a divorce, you'll need an attorney that specializes in family law. Your divorce is unlikely to be handled by an old college acquaintance who now practices medical malpractice law. Different rules and standards apply to different areas of the law. 

Each practice area's attorneys have various skill sets. Divorce is a complicated process, and it's critical to have an attorney who understands the subtleties of family law and is familiar with the laws and judges in your local court.

You should conduct an interview with any prospective attorney in the same way you would with someone seeking a job. You must get along with your lawyer. It's also crucial that you trust your lawyer's abilities and that you respond favorably to his or her communication style. 

Some lawyers are known for their combative demeanors, while others are known for their ability to negotiate and settle most divorce cases without the need for a lengthy judicial battle. The type of attorney best suited to your case will be determined by your demands, personality, and temperament of your spouse during the divorce. 

For example, if you and your spouse want to compromise and settle your divorce swiftly and cheaply, you should avoid hiring a lawyer who never gives in. Additionally, some attorneys are certified in collaborative law and would commit to assisting you in resolving your issue rather than charging you legal costs.

While some couples choose to have their divorce documents drawn up by a single attorney, that attorney is only legally representing one of the spouses. If your spouse has engaged an attorney to draught paperwork or a settlement agreement, you should consult with your own counsel about your rights before signing anything.

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