Pre-Law Requirements: 7 Steps To Law School

Lisa JacksonDecember 15, 2023

The multi-step journey to becoming a lawyer involves a series of rigorous postsecondary courses and studies. There are many academic requirements to apply to law school programs, which makes getting into these programs challenging. This is why you should prepare as much as possible before submitting your final application.

Our article discusses the basic steps to submit a competitive application to law school.

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So, What Are The Prerequisites For Law School?

The application process for law school can be time-consuming since you have to complete many steps.

You'll want to take these steps to get into law school:

1. Learn More About What a Lawyer Does

Research every aspect of being a lawyer before pursuing a law degree. Lawyers are often misrepresented on television as being rich to glamorous. The reality is that it takes extensive coursework and focus to succeed in law school. 

2. Earn a Bachelor's degree

Law school programs do not require prerequisite courses. Getting a high-grade point average is a key to completing your bachelor's degree. Your undergraduate GPA matters more than your college courses. 

3. Law School Admission Test (LSAT)

In order to apply, you must take the LSAT. Admission to law school is largely determined by your score. Invest at least three months into this cause. 

4. Get Your Transcripts

If you plan on applying to law school, make sure you gather all transcripts from all graduate, undergraduate, and certificate programs. It can add up quickly if you apply to multiple schools.

5. Personal Statement

Consider this step an opportunity to demonstrate your personality. You can discuss your career goals and academic achievements. You can research winning statements if there are no specific prompts at your school.

6. Letters of Recommendation

At least one recommendation letter is required, but more is preferred. These letters should be written by your undergraduate professors. If you'd like to include some elements of success in your letter, meet with them beforehand.

7. Law School Applications

To increase your chances of acceptance into law school, you should apply to at least five schools. Consider these factors when choosing schools to target:

Total Financial Cost

Law students have the option of taking out educational loans. Find out what your options are by doing some research.

Viability of the School's Location

Similar to other graduate students, you might have to relocate to law school. The cost of living in some areas may be higher than in others, so you will need to budget accordingly.

Assess Your Career Goals

Identify your career goals and where you see yourself working in law. 

American Bar Association (ABA) Accreditation

To ensure proper credit for your time, apply only to schools with this designation.

Once you get into law school, you should learn more about practice in the legal field. Take a look at some essential tips from professionals to succeed in the legal career.

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