How To Find A Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Particia MaldonadoNovember 24, 2023,

When you file for bankruptcy, consumer bankruptcy lawyers defend you by negotiating with creditors, clearing debt, and setting up payment arrangements. There are two sorts of bankruptcy attorneys: commercial bankruptcy attorneys who will assist you in filing for bankruptcy for your business, and consumer bankruptcy attorneys who will assist you in filing for bankruptcy for yourself or jointly with your spouse.

The Best Way To Find A Bankruptcy Lawyer

Several internet directories claim to be able to assist you in finding a bankruptcy lawyer in your region. However, keep in mind that many of these directories only include attorneys for a charge and do not guarantee their competence. Apply a critical eye to whatever listing you look at.

Begin with the following two resources:

The American Bar Association's website lists lawyers and companies that satisfy its criteria for lawyer recommendation, and you may comb through the results to find bankruptcy attorneys. Local resources can also be found by contacting your state's bar organization.

Only bankruptcy attorneys are included in the NACBA directory. The group is geared to assisting individuals going through bankruptcy as well as bankruptcy attorneys. However, because NACBA's membership requirements are very lenient, membership does not always imply quality or expertise.

If you're comfortable doing so, ask friends and coworkers for suggestions in addition to these directories.

Make contact with a few attorneys who appear to be qualified and set up a consultation with each of them. Some lawyers provide free consultations, while others demand a fee of roughly $35 for the first encounter. Don't assume that since there is no price, the lawyer is less qualified; starting with free sessions will help you get used to evaluating lawyers and may bring you to the one you want.

Do you wonder what questions you should ask before hiring a lawyer? We have compiled a comprehensive list of questions that you can read to learn more.

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