The Tale of The Lawyer King: Championing Elderly Rights

Lisa JacksonMay 28, 2024

Rachel's relationship with the world of law is not just professional. It's deeply personal. Growing up in a family of attorneys, she was instilled with legal expertise from a young age. After dedicating seven years to the army, she pursued her inherent inclination, attending law school and eventually launching her firm, The Lawyer King, in 2013. 

While most lawyers restrict their expertise either in court or in drafting, Rachel's holistic experience makes her adept at both, providing her clients with comprehensive legal solutions.

A Fixer at Heart

Motivated by her innate desire to rectify wrongs, Rachel sees herself as a fixer. Leveraging the law as her primary tool, she aims to mend the broken areas of her client's lives. Her passion lies in addressing and rectifying senior abuse, a grave issue often unnoticed.

Braving the Initial Storms

Starting a business is never devoid of challenges, especially when you're perceived as the 'young newcomer' in a domain dominated by seasoned professionals. Facing considerable pushback due to her age and being a fresh face in the legal world at just 31, Rachel’s tenacity, coupled with her educational benefits from the army, allowed her to persevere.

The Lawyer King Difference

What sets The Lawyer King apart? A dedicated trial team for every case. Understanding the emotional implications of the legal battles she engages in, Rachel prioritizes client welfare, ensuring they're buffered from unnecessary emotional strain. With the firm's rapid growth culminating in its seven-figure achievement in 2022 and its unique identity as an all-female firm, Rachel takes pride in the strong, independent women beside her.

Building Trust, One Client at a Time

In a profession where the stakes are high, trust is paramount. Rachel believes in transparent communication, making it as easily accessible as possible. From text messages to video calls, the firm’s emphasis on open channels underscores its commitment. A dedicated client liaison further ensures all client queries are promptly addressed.

Staying True to One's Vision

In a constantly evolving market, Rachel’s strategy is simple – don't get lost in the competition. Rather than comparing herself to other firms, she focuses on what she believes works best. This authentic approach, free from external influences, enables The Lawyer King to deliver unparalleled services.

Commitment Beyond Business

Rachel’s vision goes beyond just legal battles. Collaborating with the Financial Abuse Specialist Team (F.A.S.T.), law enforcement, and adult protective services (A.P.S.), she's expanding her fight against elderly abuse.

Embracing the Future, Sustainably

Being at the forefront of change, The Lawyer King is a completely paperless and cloud-based firm emphasizing sustainability in its operations. This tech-savvy approach doesn't end there – the firm has begun utilizing Artificial Intelligence to disseminate legal knowledge, albeit steering clear of drafting documents through it.

The Road Ahead

Looking ahead, Rachel aspires to be recognized as an expert in financial elder abuse. Anchoring her vision in trust, communication, and innovative methodologies, she's well on her way to making a lasting impact in the realm of senior rights.

If you are interested in the business profile of this firm, check it out here.

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