The Vibrant Journey of NY Wills & Estates: Building Bridges and Breaking Barriers

Lisa JacksonMay 28, 2024

At its core, NY Wills & Estates, under the leadership of Vlad Portnoy, stands out as a beacon of hope, aiming to assist as many individuals as possible and enjoying every step of the journey. The firm is dedicated to simplifying complexities, making the legal landscape easy and approachable for everyone.

The Spark Behind the Venture

What drives an individual from corporate law into the world of wills and estates? For Vlad, it was a nudge from his mother, a diligent insurance seller, that steered him towards this unique domain. The world of wills and estates beckoned, and Vlad answered the call.

Overcoming Initial Hurdles

Starting a business is never a cakewalk. With zero connections, limited knowledge, and an overwhelming desperation, Vlad faced his challenges head-on. He mastered the art of marketing, networking, and business management, paving the way for the firm's future successes.

Standing Out in the Crowd

NY Wills & Estates boasts of its multicultural outreach, fluently communicating in Russian, Spanish, and Korean. By harnessing modern tech software, the firm guarantees swift, efficient, and personalized care, ensuring clients always feel valued.

Celebrating Milestones

The firm's achievements are a testament to their commitment. Among their notable successes, they secured the rights of an elderly lady at risk of eviction due to rent control disputes. Their sensitivity to clients' needs, especially the elderly and those with international estates, is unparalleled.

Client Satisfaction at the Forefront

The mantra is simple: clients must be content and well-informed. Immediate attention to concerns and delivering top-notch results in minimal time has always been the firm's commitment.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Vlad's secret weapon? Speaking engagements. He loves educating people, networking, and staying updated with market trends, ensuring the firm remains ahead of its competitors.

What to Look for in an Estate Attorney

When choosing a partner in estate planning, Vlad emphasizes knowledge, integrity, transparency, and trustworthiness.

Giving Back to the Community

The firm isn't just about business. They're in the budding stages of establishing a non-profit focused on community outreach and estate planning, ensuring they give back as much as they receive.

Going Green and Tech-Savvy

In line with contemporary trends, NY Wills & Estates has transitioned mostly to electronic processes, minimizing paper usage and maximizing efficiency. Their tech prowess is evident in their recently launched website and robust social media presence in two languages.

The Future Beckons

Vlad envisions growth beyond New York's borders. The plan? Expand the team, transition to a mid-sized firm, and stretch their legal prowess to other states, continuing their legacy of simplifying the complex world of estate planning.

If you are interested in the business profile of this firm, you can check it out here.

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