How To Hire A Divorce Lawyer With No Money?

Leroy OxleyOctober 26, 2023, ,

Many divorces become tumultuous and contentious, with the parties battling over parts of the marriage, resulting in higher expenditures. While no one plans for divorce, the reality is that it is a life-altering move with enormous financial implications. There are various ways to pay for a divorce attorney without spending any money.

Pro Bono Lawyer

You might want to explore enlisting the help of a pro bono lawyer. A licensed attorney who volunteers to serve for free is a pro bono attorney. Pro bono services provide legal assistance to low-income people who cannot afford to hire an attorney.

Fee Waivers

All states have a fee waiver mechanism for underprivileged people who want to file for divorce. A fee waiver procedure allows you to petition for divorce and request that the court waive all divorce-related court expenses. To grant a fee waiver, the court will want documentation of your financial situation, such as proof of income and any debts or liabilities.

File For Attorney Fee

In rare cases, you can seek the court to require your spouse to pay your attorney fees. While many courts do not mandate one spouse to pay attorney fees, in other cases, the court may intervene and award attorney fees to one spouse. In certain cases, the spouse seeking attorney costs bears the burden of proof to demonstrate that they cannot pay their lawyer.


Mediation may be an option to consider for certain parties when finalizing their divorce. Mediation allows parties to hash out their disagreements regarding money and property partition without incurring litigation costs. Mediation is much less expensive than going to court to get a divorce. 

Mediation also allows parties to work out their differences with the help of a trained mediator. Mediators assist parties in finding common ground to reach an agreement. Mediation is only effective when both parties agree to participate.

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