What if a Supreme Court Justice Commits a Crime

Lisa JacksonApril 30, 2024

The law is equal for everyone, the punishments are equal and the consequences are as well. The set of protocols or procedures of how things are being carried out might change when it comes to some people due to their standing in society.

The procedure following a supreme court judge committing a crime is:


The first step will always be arresting the person of interest. The arrest can be of various types. Some people face threats in jails and are put on house arrest. Regardless, they are treated as a person of interest and a potential criminal.


Whoever the person is, they have to face a proper trial. The trial is unbiased and just. The criminal gets no support from anyone and is trialed like a normal person. He has to go through all the steps of trials and face the jury as a normal person would.


If the jury gives their verdict against the person of interest, he will be convicted as a criminal has to go through conviction as any normal person would. Conviction means that it is proven that the person committed the crime and supports the idea that he should be punished accordingly.


He is given a sentence just like any normal person would get if he committed a similar crime. Sometimes when it’s proven that a person with a high title committed a crime, the jury agrees on a sentence that is far more than what a normal person would get for committing a similar crime, to convey the idea of how it will result if you misuse your power.


The person convicted will have to resign from all of its designations and titles and also give up all the benefits that he was entitled to due to those designations.


If the judge, after he has been convicted, does not resign from his designations, the house can start impeachment against the judge to remove him from his designation, basing this on his conviction.

These are the protocols that are to be followed when a supreme court justice commits a crime.

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