Why is the Criminal Justice System Failing?

Particia MaldonadoMay 14, 2024,

The criminal justice system is failing. It's a problem that affects all of us, and it needs to be addressed. This problem can only be solved if we know what are the main reasons for our criminal justice system failing so badly.

Some of the major enablers in the fall of our criminal justice system and their roles are listed below:


Youth plays a very important role in the failure of criminal justice systems. Youth and the criminal below legal age can not be tried like normal adults and their punishments are also different from other criminals. They are tried and sentenced under different rules.

Even after correction centers, they get away with so much on their mind that it gives them a feeling of being in power and invincible. They commit a fairly similar crime once they get out of the system hence failing the criminal justice system by letting a criminal out in the open to get arrested and sentenced again.


The way drugs are normalized in our criminal justice system is also a huge setback. So many incidents and accidents happen due to drugs let alone the gang rivalry that creates so many problems around the justice system. Drug abuse within jails can make a normal person go mad and bad.

Three Strikes Legislation

Three strike law increases the punishment of a felony to a life sentence if a person has committed that crime three times in his lifetime. This law not only prevents the felon from any other punishment except for a life sentence but also elevates the expenditures of the system. Also, there is no chance of correction for the criminal.


Incarcerations are, on top of everything, a burden on the government.t No taxpayer wants their money to be used to provide for the people who have wronged and hurt them which is causing hate and negativity all around the system and people being against letting the criminals live a normal life again even if they get out hence playing a role in the criminal justice system failing.

Wrong Focus

The focus of the criminal justice system is to put the criminal through the punishment for the crime he has committed and not his correction. If the criminal is corrected in inclusion to the punishment, letting the criminal free can never harm society. But, that not being the main focus of law enforcement agencies is a huge cause of the criminal justice system’s failure.

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What is Three Strikes Legislation?

Three strikes law is a sentencing scheme that gives defendants a prison sentence of 25 years to life in prison if they are convicted of three violent or serious felonies. The law is codified in Penal Code Section 667.

What is the Criminal Justice System?

The criminal justice system is the set of laws and principles which are applied to convicted ones on their transgressions. It describes the offenses, punishments, procedures, and ways to punish those who violate laws of the society.

What is the role of therapy in the criminal justice system?

If proper therapy and counseling are provided to the convicted felons, they can be model citizens once they get out of the system. Without therapy, even after completing their sentence, the criminals won’t be able to change the mindset with which they committed the crime the first time.

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